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We've got a 2007 Pete 379 with a Cat C15. I've been dealing with the pyro gauge reading all over the place (high, low, gets stuck). I've changed both the gauge and the probe with no change. I shot the turbos with a heat gun on this truck and another identical truck and the temps are the same on both even when the gauge runs higher.

I've pretty much come to the conclusion it's either a computer issue (the truck has the Pete multiplex gauges) or a chafed wire somewhere. I've got a new probe/analog gauge in the mail I'm going to install to be certain the EGTs are normal. But that brings me to my question.

When the EGTs get over 1200 degrees there is a light that comes on on the pyro gauge. Would there also be any fault codes stored in the computer?

Today a driver was using the truck weighing in close to 120k and said the gauge was all over the place and he said it felt like the truck was almost going into limp mode. (But it was also a very heavy load up hills so it could just be the weight).

If the truck goes into limp mode will there be a check engine? Will any codes be stored?

Also anyone have a way of checking codes. I tried key on truck off, cruise control on, and press and hold set/resume but it didn't flash any fault codes.
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