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4.5L Duramax

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Not sure if this have been posted here before or not...but I had a friend email this link.

Very cool....very very cool with the redesign. Goes to show that if you don't think outside the box...somebody will simply take your box away.

4.5L Duramax
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blackcloudCTD95 said:
how come with the 6.5's they but them in 1500's but not the D-max?

Emissions, the 3/4 and 1 Tons are in a different emissions class than the 1/2 tons.
Duke said:
The PSD V-6 has so far proven to be nothing short of a terd. 220-230HP ain't nothing to brag about and certainly won't get anyone excited about buying a diesel F-150.

The 4.5 DMAX is in a league all by itself right now.

Uhmm..........................................I'm pretty sure that V6 PSD is going to have turbos like the 6.4. That should exaggerate the 225HP Engine's power. Look at the 6.0's those aren't rated really high. But that variable turbo helps it out quite a bit. Reliability might be a different story. Calling it terd........I'd wait for it to come out.
Are we forgetting about the advantages of Diesel engines in general?

Low end torque
Being able to run off of Biodiesel you can cook up in your kitchen
Less pollution
Safety in more ways then one.
and What about fuel economy?

I don't mean to bash everyone that has posted on this thread. But what gives?
1 - 3 of 67 Posts
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