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444 Cummins

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I am looking at a truck to purchase that has a 444 Cummins in it. I have heard good and bad on the 444. Does anyone have any experience with this engine good or bad?
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Dont know yet. The truck is long distance from me. I will try to find out.
Thanks for the advice. I bought the truck and will take my chances. I have several Cummins gurus close to me if I need them. The truck is long distance from me and not sure when it will be here. I have pretty much run Cats to this point and am willing to try this Cummins. It is hard to pass up a two stick 359ExHd.
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Thanks, I have heard alot of good and bad on them. This truck is very original from the factory and I just had to try it. I have run 2 stick cats and liked them very much but this will be different for sure. The truck will not be worked daily more for farm and hobby use.
Your opinions and experiences are appreciated. I enjoy the knowledge and experience on the board. Dont get me wrong I like Caterpillars but this truck had a Cummins and some other things I liked and I am willing to try it. It will not be worked daily but used on the farm running farm tags and staying pretty close to home. Just another toy for me to mess with.
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