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444 Cummins

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I am looking at a truck to purchase that has a 444 Cummins in it. I have heard good and bad on the 444. Does anyone have any experience with this engine good or bad?
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Run Forrest...Run!!!!

Seriously, just like all older Cummins, they are prone to leaking head gaskets. They also had step timing which also gave some trouble. I'm not a Cummins fan, but I have had customers with 444's, and ALL, not just some, had problems over the years.
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The 444 is a glorified 400 big cam. they hang together as good as any of the nh series. It will run with the 425 cats. If you retro fit a decent after cooler in front of the radiator and take the guts out of the old intercooler, you gain a few more horses! Thats what it is all about.:knight:soapbox
An N14 manifold from a salvage yard bolts rite on and done but as mentioned in another thread cam timing needs changed. But... the Cat part is hard to swallow. Again it's all timing, the difference between 5* (Cummins) and 10/ 14* (Cat) is hige for torq. A cranked 444 will put down 500HP, for 400K. A cranked Cat will make 50 more and 300 more ftlbs, and last a million miles ;)
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