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I know this is the umpteenth thread on this going way back. Short history - I was pretty active in here for several years then sort of faded away with work and other projects. Now I have a chance to buy a frame cutoff from transmission to radiator - DT466 with a 5 speed spicer from the mid 80's MW pump engine. I think it is 200hp rated.

My end state is - 4x4 pickup ish daily driverable, RV/equipment tower. 300 reliable horsepower that doesn't smoke too much, gets somewhat reasonable MPG's in teens (right gearing it should be possible), gobs of pulling torque.

I am not entirely sold on hacking up my 2k. Keeping the wheelbase parking lot capable to some degree and frame height where I can tow a ordinary 5th wheel RV would be nice.

Is the block on the older 466's any different from the NGD engines? IE roller cam vs non. I know the front timing/accessory stuff is a bit different.

Not opposed to buying this 466 and later horse trading for a 360 which would be a much more straight forward swap.

Not in a hurry other then commit/not commit to buying the engine pack. My PSD 444 is starting to show some blowby or at least a noticeable amount of vapor at idle. Runs great otherwise.

Interested in your feedback and options for way ahead.
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