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Hey all,

I am in need of replacing the leaf Springs in my truck due to them sagging quite a bit. I figured why not lift the truck since I'll be buying new leafs anyways I can just buy a lift kit.(wife approved excuse 😉 ) The problem I'm having is I cannot seem to find a 4inch lift kit that gives me front and rear Springs. Every kit I find provides blocks for the rear. Do any of you know of a 4inch lift kit that contains lift Springs instead of blocks?

Also this is my first ford truck so any advice on what to buy and what not to do in terms of suspension lift would be appreciated. I know this thing has a split front axle I have heard called the wishbone. Looks like a normal axle just split. Kinda like a cross between a independent suspension and straight axle. I don't know if this type of axle should be considered when choosing a lift kit or not.

1993 f250 stock 4x4
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