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2011 F-250 6.7L Diesel, Auto Tranny w/Manual 4WD engage switch.

I was caught up in the sand and switched into 4WD High. Since I had A river in front of me I had to put it into reverse. The first rev up only dug in the rear tires. I took my foot off the gas and tried again, the second time she clunked into gear and it sounded like it almost ripped the transfer case out of the truck. It's a good thing I didn't gun it.
Nasty almost like trying to put a manual trans in reverse while moving forward.

All seems AOK and I don't think I did any damage but I am not sure why the 4WD High switch didn't auto engage in reverse???

Obviously Intuitive !
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first question - you were in sand and hadn't already put it in 4x4 ?
most times it's best to do that first :)

but at any rate, I do this on a regular basis backing my 5er into it's uphill storage area....
the info screen will tell u the progress as it:
"put in neutral to allow shift to 4x4"
disengaging stability system,
shift complete....

I may be paraphrasing a lot as I don't recall,
but it does want u to stop and let it shift by going into neutral IIRC..

once in 4x4 in will push that heavy beast around @ idle ! much easier that feathering the throttle in high !
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