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6.0 and 6.4

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I have a 2007 f250 that has been bulletproofed and mom has a 2010 that the motor is blown in she said I could have her truck if I could us any parts for mine. Every thing runs good right now with my truck but her truck is in better shape. What can be salvaged on the 2010 and go to the 2007?
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The transmissions will interchange. May have a flexplate issue though. The 6.0L torque converter uses six studs to secure to the flexplate while a 2008 and up transmission uses eight.

So will the starter and the GPCM.

There are folks that have converted the 6.0L mirrors to the 6.4L mirrors, and even the seats, console and dash can be made to fit.
I learn so much about my 6.0L and the other Powerstrokes watching these. I know most of the facts and specs that your giving, but the way you present the info and show things on the engine is amazing.
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