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1. First take off the front grill.

2. Take the rubber flap off the top

3. Remove the holder mounts from the condenser cooler (A/C, I believe)

4. Pull off the cooler lines from underneath.

5. Take the one bolt off each side that holds the cooler in place. Fish it out the top.

6. Put the hoses on the 6.0 cooler. The hard part is fishing it in there and mounting it with the same bolts one on each side.

7. Connect the hoses to the lines.

8. Check to see that the hoses are not chaffing, pinched, or twisted like the first time I did mine.

9. Protect the lines with hose loom and zip tie them out of harms way.

10. Run the truck and drive it around before putting everything back on in the front. Not only can you inspect it easier but if anything needs to be rerouted at least you don’t have to start completely over.

11. If all is well and the temp stays down via tranny gauge then you are good to go.

The stock unit uses 3/8" soft line to plumb and the 6.0 requires 1/2". The conversion is very easy. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy some brass barbed fitting, one side will have a barbed end for 3/8 line and the other for 1/2, couple hose clamps and you are done!!!
Total install took about 1 hour from the top. Pull the rubber apron off in front of the rad and down below, this will give you access to the area. I pulled the front grill to give me even more room, 4 screws and some spring clips on the bottom and it pulls right off. You will see the huge AC condenser, undo the bracket on the right side (one bolt) and pull the bracket off the top of the condenser. This will allow it to move out of the way for the old cooler to come out. I also pulled the hood latch (2 bolts) now unbolt the 4 bolts that hold the cooler in place, cut the rubber lines and pull it out. You may want to place a rag over the condenser or it will tear your forearm up. Install the new cooler is reverse order. You will need about 1 1/2 quarts more fluid with the new cooler.
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