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As posted by 4cstr...

With the EXPERT help of the guys from the Western New York Powerstroke Club, Thanks Gar, Jim, Jeff and Kory, I just finished the 6.0 intercooler.

The new intercooler is 31% bigger.

Original 30x18x2
6.0 30x21x2.25

It was easier than I thought, much of the time was on the fly engineering. I have not fired it up yet so I have a few concerns I will address.


Either drain radiator or drain enough to remove upper radiator hose
Remove over flow tank on top of the radiator
remove all radiator and AC condensor mounts but do not remove either
Remove upper radiator hose.
Remove bolts holding fan shroud
I have a stick so you might have to move the tranny cooler on an auto??

Remove 2 bolts holding Intercooler and hoses connecting to pipes

Tilt back the radiator as far as possible and pull the intercooler out. This will take some manuevering to get it clear of the AC lines(removing the condensor mounts allows moving of the lines) but it will come out. Better to have 2 people one at each end.

The new intercooler is 1/4 inch thicker so you will have to get the fan shroud in just the right spot and the radiator a little farther back to get the new one in place. again 2 people for this. Bolts right up to the original mounts.


The intercooler tubes do not fit!

This took some time but our fearless leader Gar Hanson figured it out.

The inlet is smaller on the new intercooler, same size 3" as the intercooler tubes. The outlet is the same size as the original.

The inlet and outlet are also an inch shorter so we needed to fill this gap and figure out the size problem.

The solution was simple. you need 2 napa intercooler hoses Part number 1701 and 1740 and 2 extra clamps

Cut off 2.5 inches of the oultet pipe near the intercooler, passenger side of the truck, save this short piece. attactch the 1701 hose on the shortened intercooler pipe, attatch the 2.5 inch piece you cut off to connect the new hose from NAPA to the stock blue hose. This blue hose fits on the new intercooler. you use the new NAPA hose to add 1/2 to 1 inch of length. Cutting the pipe and reconnecting it with a 1/2 inch or so gap gives you the extra lenght you need.

On the other side the NAPA hose 1740 adds the extra length needed.

Thighten it all up! put the other parts back in place!

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