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Bypass Oil System for Ford 6.0 PSD

(1) Billet Oil Fill Cap (Advance Auto Parts) $14.99
(1) Billet Oil Filter Cap (Elite-Diesel or DJ Performance) $90.00
(1) Return Line Swivel Kit (Amsoil #BP89) $8.00
(1) Filter Mount Assembly (Amsoil # BK203) $63.50
(1) Spin On Filter (Amsoil #EaBP100) $37.65
(4) 90 1/8th NPT x ¼” JIC (Local Hardware Store) $8.00
(depends on where you mount it at) ¼”ID hose w/ ¼” JIC fittings ($30.00)

Total Cost : Probably less than $250

Installation is pretty self explanatory and all depends on where you want to mount you’re your bypass filter. Seems like a lot of people mount it somewhere on the frame rail on the passenger side. I mounted mine underneath the motor up out of the way. Since you can rotate the filters up 180 it doesn’t really matter how it is installed.

You will need to drill a 3/8” hole in the oil fill cap that you purchased so that you can install the return fitting to it. Install fitting as in the directions that came w/ it.

I found that this was quite a bit cheaper than buying a kit from Amsoil or Fleetguard or any of the other bypass companys. Amsoil was the only people that I could buy individual pieces for the install.



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