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7.3 idi dipstick length....

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I went to change the oil in my '88 7.3l and notice that the oil level doesn't even come up onto the dipstick... Upon closer inspection, I see that the P.O has stuffed a tranny dipstick in the engine tube. I have looked at my local pull a part yard, auto parts stores and the only place I can find one is at the dealer for $68 . Seems pretty steep for a dipstick. Anyone know the length of a 7.3l engine oil dipstick???
Thanks! Dano :thumbsup
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it would be a couple days before i can get back to check mine, im sure someone else will chime in on the length. if your not sure though. the oil fill capacity is 9qts. then add 1 more quart for the filter. if you upgraded to the powerstroke oil filter add another quart. so its either 10 or 11 total. also the add line on the correct stick is 2-quarts not 1
Thanks 4play! I think overfilling is as bad as underfilling sometimes... If I can get the correct length, then I can scrounge one up at the junk yard...
26 1/8 inch from top of tube to the Full mark
I have only made 2 posts and you are right there to give me the answers I need! Kudos and thanks, thanks and more thanks!
No problem. Just sharing knowledge.
I actually have one out of a 89 if your interested in it.
im looking for a oil dipstick for a 1988 international s 1600 u-haul 7.3 idi or the length of it
the int. dipsticks vary as far as i can tell
i used the factory manual to check mine...
(gallons not dipstick marks)!
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