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Hey all...I just realized that I have 28 oil filters in my shed for my truck. I don't think I need 14 years worth of oil filters taking up space in my shed.

I'll part with half of what I have, so below are the numbers for sale:

Penzoils 3
Purolators 3
Motorcraft 8

I have run all three...and Blackstone tells me the same thing everytime... filtration is great and there is no issues.

Cost...well...I'll let them go for less than retail. How about $6/piece for the M/C's and Puro's (I bought the M/C's when Wally's was clearing them out...only to have Wally's begin carrying them again LOL ). I'll take $5/piece for the Penz's.

I don't have any idea what shipping would be...I guess it depends on where they go and how many.

Anyway...PM me if interested.

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