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Subject truck: 2002 F250 Powerstroke with 27K miles.

Plastic water bottle
socket set
strap wrench/channel locks/filter cover removal tool

1. Remove powerstroke plastic "thingie"

2. Use a strap wrench or channelocks to twist off the plastic filter cover. I used the fancy bling bling filter cover removal tool from dieselinnovations :thumbsup:

3. Pull out the filter and rubber o ring and put the whole mess into a pan.

Tip 27K is a little too long for the filter...

4. New Racor filter F4596 from dieselinnovations for 18.44

5. Slip new round O ring around the base of the filter just like the old one.

6. Drain water seperator by placing a bottle over the drain on the passenger side of block.

The bottle I used was a little too tall to fit, so I poked a hole in the side

7. Drain the water seperator by turning the yellow valve to the right, then CLOSE the valve when the bowl is empty.

8. Lube the oring on the filter with some diesel and place into bowl snugly.

9. Lube the filter cover with diesel and place around the top of the bowl

10. Retighten filter cover

11. Reinstall powerstroke plastic "thingie"



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Nice job, Adrian!!!

You're a regular "How to" article-writer!!! :Thumbup:

Did you guys know that our trucks can utilize a 7.3L VAN diesel drain cable/handle assembly that will allow you to drain your fuel bowl without fumbling for the lever next to the bowl?

It's even marked "Fuel Drain" on the handle.

Just go to Ford parts and ask for a drain cable for a '99 7.3L Powerstroke van. Takes 5 minutes to install, costs about $20 bucks. Mine's been on my truck for 5 years and worksd great.

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Great article Adrian. Where were you when I first attempted this.

I would add that if you can take a 3/8" id fuel hose and slip it over the drain tube. If you make the hose about 3 feet can tuck the bottom end into a hole in the frame by the axle. Then when you are ready to drain...take out the bottom end...aim it toward a bucket on the floor...then open the drain. When done...close the drain, then give the hose a shake or two (any more and your playing with it. :p LOL ) and put it back.

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