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Hey folks,*Joe Howard here new member looking for a few ideas/help.
Talked my neighbor out of his 91 international 4700 flatbed/gooseneck ball truck. 2wd with the*dta360and split 5 speed rear.
Aint got but 65000 miles on it and around 4400 hours.
Solid truck but a bunch of minor things im trying to replace that dont work on it....wiper motor, turning signal switch.......finding out that all of the parts that international made to replace oem parts for that year are a joke.....nothing works or fits like the parts for quite a few year trucks......
Woke up the little motor doing the*fuel*screw*adjustment*and ripping off the*muffler, night and day difference.......gotta get gages put in here soon.
I have my stock*hx35*turbo from my 02 dodge that i am looking to put on the motor too since its laying around...only has 82000 on it and is tight....*
So, i am needing to talk to someone about finding OEM parts that fit correctly or finding salvage yards to find parts for this truck and also to talk with about doing the*hx35*turbo swap.
I know the exhaust manifold*has to be flipped along with some other mods im not sure of.....
Always a pleasure reading and learning on here and hope that some of you more knowledgeable folks will be able to lend a hand on this new/old toy!!

Joe Howard
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