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Hello, this my 1st post here. Please bear with me, I don't really know crap about diesels.

I just came into a 94 E350 cargo van with the 7.3 (non turbo) It has a wopping 283000 miles on the odo. It will turn over but doesn't want to fire over. When it would start it would smoke heavy grayish out the exhaust. Whenever I put the van in gear it seemed to choke out and die. I noticed that the fuel gauge was just below 1/4 of a tank. Thinking it possibly had trash or water in the fuel tank/sys I added 5 gallons of fresh diesel and some treatment, to the tank. To my surprise it fired right up and idled fine, would take throttle and rev up good, the smoke seemed to clear up some as it warmed up. But when I put it under load/ in gear it still dies out.

The past owner supposedly replaced the diesel pump & injector pump, altenator & glow plugs. Trying to fix this problem before he gave up on it.

Is there a way to bleed/prime the fuel system???

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont know alot about diesel's and Im thorughly stumped on this one..

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