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Here is a current video of the truck from NADM Nationals in Indianapolis.

Well as much as I don't want to sell the truck since I just got it done and dialed in. I have another project I want to due that includes a tube chasis.... So in order to do this I have to part with the truck I have. The motor is all new. It has less than 10 pulls on the motor. Nothing on the truck has more than 9-10 hooks on it. The motor is balanced and will come with a spare set of top fuel coated Mahle pistons from Haisley Machine. Spare set of stock rods, 2 extra 33" STS tires including the other 2 that are already on the truck. 3 sets of profab gears. And a spare block set up for roller lifters that is the same as the one thats in the truck. I believe that is all for the extras. Motor is as follows.

5.9 Liter 12 Valve bored 40 over
Block is fire ringed and been machined for roller lifters. Done by Haisley Machine
12 to 1 compression coated pistons from Haisley Machine
Roller lifters from Haisley Machine
BIG Inconel valves from Haisley Machine
Triple rate valve springs with titanium retainers and keepers to match the huge springs.
Head is ported and polished
14mm studs
Copper head gasket
Intake is machined off and has an individual runner manifold
Waterman gear driven fuel pump
Bullseye S483 turbo. 83mm compressor with a 1.32 exhaust that has 1 hook on it. Put it on for Indy.
ATS exhaust manifold
5x.025 Dual feed Injectors
Harts Diesel 13mm ag pump. (This thing is bad *****)
(2) Big Water/Air Intercoolers, each have their own pumps and tanks to ensure the best cooling possible.
3 nozzle water injection kit from Harts diesel that is installed but I do not use because it isn't needed. I added it thinking maybe I would need it for the new turbo.
Kennys pulling parts adjustable pump gear
Electric water pump
Billet front cover
Billet Tappet cover
Fluidampr comp series
Corsa Intelli dash and many other gauges inside.
Hydraulic Steering

I think that covers most of it for the engine. I'm sure I forgot something.

Driveline is as follows:

Rockwell F106 rear end with 6.20 gears
Profab Quick Change dropbox
Custom built driveshafts
Profab reverser
South Bend triple disc clutch
Transmission blanket

Was asking $60,000 with all the extras. Need to sell to finish another truck.

Will take $52,000
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