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Hey guys,

So I've had this 95 F-250 w/the PSD for a while now, and finally getting around to getting it going.

The original problem was bad smoking/putting fuel into oil.

Pulled injectors, found a couple bad lower O-rings, and one had the sealing "copper" washer missing (which I am blaming one of the bad o rings on).

Asked my local diesel repair shop on advice (the same place that has done a quality job on few injector pumps and injectors for other projects I've worked on), he advised that if the truck started/ran well (which aside the smoking and making oil, it did), then first try to O-ring it before paying to have injectors checked (I figure he is the professional.. and that he was trying to save me a few dollars). The p.o. of the truck was the original owner, and he said it had injector work done not too many miles ago (and I bought the truck for scrap price, so he wasn't saying it to get another dollar from my wallet, plus he's a good friend)

Anyhow, I re-ringed all 8 injectors, and upon other advice, installed a NEW lift pump, even thought the one I removed looked to be new, and replaced all the rubber fuel lines.

I had a heck of a time to get the truck to start, which I guess can be expected, but finally got it going. I let it idle for a period of time (10 minutes +/-) then, I revved it up to near 2k, and backed down.. repeated a few times.. No problem.. Truck is at approx. operating temp at this time..

I revved it up a little, and let off.. truck stalls.. Won't restart.. Hold to floor and crank.. it takes off.. ease off pedal, it seems fine down to about 1000 rpm's.. Lift foot from accelerator pedal.. stalls.. will not restart unless foot is on floor, and even then it's a battle..

I guess what I'm getting to is why would it not want to idle now.. I thought perhaps an air pocket, but sure seems like after running as long as it did it should have passed the air..

Any suggestions?? Sorry for the mile long post, wanted to give as many details as I could to help diagnose.

Thanks in advance,


Oh, and I'm not so sure the O-rings fixed the darn thing.. but after finding the cracked/broken ones, I know it did need them no doubt :( Guess the injectors are headed to be tested anyhow.
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