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Truck ran strong and due to weather Added a bit of diesel anti gel because it wass gonna be sitting for a bit due to an upgrade . Had the truck running after a few minutes started to chug and died and now no crank at key but all lights come on as normally would when you'd start it if i jumper the starter solinoid it cranks strong but even with key in on position will not start I'm new to diesel bought to fix it up and restore it is an auto trans 4x4 column shifter isnt sloppy just installed 2 brand new batteries and terminals the day it died new to diesel please help me I'm lost if I can't fix it I have to sell because it can't sit much longer and it's my dream truck
I ran the the shift selector through the column linking maybe linkage adjustment I have not tried starting g in nuetral but still wouldn't explain it dieing first
I drained the fuel bowl and
noticed the fuel bowl is also no longer refilling from either tank with key on even even when cranking by the jumping the solinoid its as if the truck is just totally shut down
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