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Ive gotta few things i need to get rid of to help fund fixing my truck..

96 Auto Transmission w/ Torque Converter, Flexplate, and Bellhousing, and Shift Linkage ...Trans shifts good, doesnt slip, and holds overdrive, Never really been raped on cause i didnt need it going out on me....Fluid is bright shiny red and doesnt smell burnt nor does it have any metal shavings in it... i dont have the lines but i do have both of the transmission coolers... $250.00

Full set of Aftermarket Wheels that resemble the eagle alloy 1069's and 0589's ... 16.5x9.75 with 5" backspacing... im not sure what brand they are but the back two are 33x14.50x16.5 Super Swamper SSR's with 90% tread left.. the front ones are 33x12.50x16.5 Mud Kings with about 1/4 Tread Left... im mainly selling the wheels with the center caps but the tires are free... asking $300.00 for the set... my avatar pic shows you which wheels they are..if u want more pics just let me know...

Interested in anything let me know... need to get my truck fixed.. i also have a ton of 2002 Honda 400ex Parts if anyone is needing anything...also have a JL Audio 13w7 ina big ported box along with a Kicker KX1200.1 Mono Channel 1-ohm amp...putting this out there cause maybe someone will want the stuff but let me know..

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