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96 F350 4x4 7.3 RCLB - $10,000 OBO

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I decided i needed a project and got this truck. I did a ton of work last summer, pretty much spent the whole summer working on it . . . to which the wife was not happy. Mechanically it is squared away and is my daily driver, but the body has some rough spots. So this would be a good fun daily driver or a good candidate for a restoration project given the drivetrain is all set up and ready to go. Anyway, my wife hates climbing in . . . I have to help her in . . . and we don't have room for our dogs . . . so i need something a little more practical. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I will entertain offers.

- 250cc hybrid injectors
- 66mm stock style turbo with 1.0 quick spool exhuast housing
- 3.5" down pipe
- New up-pipes and gaskets
- Tymar style intake
- New glow plugs
- New glow plug relay
- New under valve cover wiring and valve cover gaskets
- Marty's electric fuel system with regulated return (retains the fuel tank selector valve and both fuel tanks)
- Diesel site billet thermostat housing
- Diesel site 203* Thermostat
- New water pump
- Diesel site coolant filter
- All new radiator hoses
- 2 New batteries

- Ford rebuilt transmission
- Full Transgo Tugger Shift kit (with pump mods)
- Triple disk billet torque converter
- New rear drive shaft with upgraded 1410 u-joints
- New spindles, u-joints, and wheel bearings in the front axle
- New calipers, Hawk Pads, Hawk Rotors in the front

Steering & Suspension:
- New Red Head Gear steering box
- New sway bar end links and bushings
- 6" lift with springs up front and lift block in the rear

- Trailworthy Fab 16.5" custom bead lock rims
- 37" BFG Baja "Hummer" tires (These are the good radials, not the cheap early model ones)

Performance and Monitoring:
- PHP Hydra Chip
- Custom tunes
- Glow Shift gauges (Fuel Pressure, Trans Temp, Boost, Exhaust Gas Temp)

- Interior was stripped, "Dynamat" style sound/head barrier was installed on floor
- New carpet padding with heat barrier installed over the "Dynamat"
- New carpet was then installed
- The old seats were replaced with a 40-20-40 bench seat out of a 2008 Super Duty

The Bad:
- The bed has the typical rust over the fenders and a few holes in the bed . . easily fixed with a new bed if you care (the tailgate is pretty solid though).
- The cab is pretty solid with just a little rust starting in the cab corners and are easily fixable at this point.
- The doors are solid as well, there is a small bit of rust starting at the very bottoms, but it would be an easy fix too.
- And, as typical, the core support has some rust as well . . . this could be fixed, or you could just source good used one.

I have done my best to describe the truck and be honest with the condition, its really a fun truck to drive and it puts a smile on my face everytime I get in. Unfortunately, as I said, my wife hates climbing up in it, and it doesn't have space for our 2 new dogs, so I need to find crew cab truck that is a little lower to the ground for her. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Sorry, I couldn't get the pictures to load . . . got it figured out now.

Oh, and Location! I am located on the East Side of Cleveland OH.
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96 F350 4x4 7.3 RCLB - $9,499 OBO

Price Reduced to $9,499 OBO

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