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98 26K International Water Truck needs a real suspension

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it's got a doubler frame and 2100 gallon tank
so goes overweight when full
i assume, i never weigh it
the frame is 2 L channels bolted together... doubler i thot it's called
the rear suspension is giant multi-stacked thick leafs with a block and 2nd set of overload leaves that don't come into play untill it squats some
it rides like a rock on steroids
the axle wrap can be hellacious even tho it's got an anti-wrap spring
i hit a dip at an intersection to make the yellow light and i bounced WAY off the seat...
i drive on ruff and washboard, broke one shackle, king pin is trash
so i wanna make a real suspension
ez pezy
trailing arms that front pivot off drop mounts from frame
the rear axle clamps to trailing arm
the arm extends to air bag behind axle which is the entire suspension and sits between trailing arm and frame
no shock absorber needed?
or will it be bouncy
like i already is?
or is there a simpler, cheaper way?
i like cheap and e z

and i plan on extending bed into flatbed so i can put on 2 plastic water tanks
3,000 gallons
i guess i'll just see what it takes to bend the frame
it looks like it already is bent

i think previous owner was a knuckle dragger
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needs a real front suspension too, tanky...
nice broken front shackle
due to insane factory design
we are not amused
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