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i got a quad adrenaline with pulse with the new board(can run 4k tune) bought at the end of december, warrenty has been sent it and has about 8 months of warrenty left. never had any problems with it. runs great! 525 shipped. comes in original box just the way it would come if you bought it new with the instructions, probe, tranny temp everything just like new. it does not have the pressure sender because from quadzill, they cost to much and i had a mechanical.

Standard output vp44 bought in the middle of jan and has less that 10k miles on it, has 8 months warrenty left, bought from goff diesel injection in slc. runs great no problems. 900+shipping/local arrangements

both of these are still on the truck so i can prove they run perfectly.

thanks everybody! going to a p-pump need this stuff gone or trade for parts for build.
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