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I recently purchased a 98 FL60 with a 8.3L and eaton fuller 9 speed. I picked it up in Oklahoma and drove it home to northern California.

The engine ran fine except for:

The fan hub pulley breaking in half. Resulting in a $1800 Cummins west road side service call in Bakersfield.

The radiator fan wiring constantly shorting out and causing slight overheating and road side fixes. (All rewired now)

Alternator dying. (Fixed now)

Various coolant hoses leaking (replaced now)

Anyways. The engine makes a ticking noise when it is driving and when freely revved. It sounds like a rocker arm or lifter. It does however have decent power and good gas mileage.

I have read that there are needed valve adjustments but would like to hear what you experts think it may be.

Engine also has a problem with the tach and speedo. The tach only reads about half of what the engine is really doing and same for the speedo. I tried removing the speedo sender on the tail of the trans, cleaning it, and reinstalling with no luck.

The truck also has an exhaust brake installed but is not hooked up. If anyone could shed some light on how to hook this thing up it would be great. It is already plumbed with air and has an external regulator mounted near the unit.

If there are any local (san Jose,CA) Freightliner mechanics/ Enthusiast that would be able to help me out it would be great!

Thanks in advance.
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