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98 International 4700 front shackle fiasco

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I just can't believe this,
The shackle on the driver's side front leaf spring has broken on one side
so the truck don't even steer straight
the shackle is SO thin it's scary looking
and it don't look long enuf to achieve it's purpose!
who invented this thing?
i'll haf to weld on reinforcing to the replacement to even make it worth the bother
what will happen if it breaks the other side?
it'll steer worse?
will i even notice?
depends on how fast i'm going?
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on closer examination this is extremely dangerous
i'm not happy
the spring could lodge between the frame and shackle mount
thanx navistar
the thing is so covered with oil dirt, not sure if it will even look like a shackle
looks like only the outside of the shackle is broken
hope this is e z to change
not sum wrestling match with nonsense...
so upsetting
there's not even a bumpstop
this shackle broke cuz of insane design, NOT ABUSE
how can this company still be in business?
there is a bumpstop
but it's metal and there's no rubber nubber
it just bangs against the frame
after the springs flex backwards way too far
i guess it's a bumpstop
i can't see how it does much except AGRAVATE ME tho

la te da
another day in paradise
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