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99-04 grill


for sale is my stock xlt grill, fits 99-04 Superdutys and Excursions. it is in good/average shape, definatly not for a show truck but if you need a new grill to replace a damaged one or maybe to spruce up a work truck this would be fine. the chrome is a little thin on the top under where the hood closes, there is a crack in the honeycomb part, and there are 2 of the metal clips missing, which I didn't know until I removed the grill and it was still in there nice and tight. the inside part of the grill, where it is usually grey, was painted white. and there is some sort of aftermarket stainless steel grill insert in the center. I'm not looking for a lot of money for it, but I thought I'd put it for sale on here before it goes on e-bay. e-mail me with any questions or offers [email protected]

here is a link to some pics:

the grill probably isn't as bad as I am making out to be I jsut want the buyer to know what he is getting!
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