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Hi all,
Trying to figure out what's up with my Cummins in my Gillig transit bus conversion. The dreaded CAPS system.
Check engine light on, showing code 328: fuel pumping element #2 rear
Starts up/idles/revs fine

Cant go above about 35 mph, or up hill, stop engine light comes on and motor starts cutting out.

Have tried replacing fuel filter twice, no change.

I swapped the 2 solenoids in the CAPS accumulator, and then it wouldn't start. My guess is my accumulator or the solenoids are bad? From what I can tell, I can't buy just the solenoid anywhere?

After much research, I see a solenoid "click test" in the Cummins insite software might be a logical next step to diagnose?

I also plan on pulling the screen from the CAPS and seeing if clogged, make sense? Any other advice? Is there a shop out there that rebuilds the CAPS and/or the CAPS accumulator?

Thank you!
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