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So I've got a 99 Ram 2500 8.0L I need some insight on.
This truck was bought to convert to the 12v and driven while building the engine and upgrading the truck itself. It's currently got 33s with no lift. We bought it with 130,000 miles and it's currently at almost 200,000 with most of those being off road. 🙃 it drove like a normal dodge slight wander but needing no real correction it would just kinda float. As the driver ball joints went it steered worse obviously but only a handful on bumps.
Anyway last month we had all 4 ball joints replaced along with all other bushings and what not in the front end besides the control arm as they were nice and tight and the steering gear box was left alone. Also replaced the shocks.
Immediately had massive left to right wander, sudden jerky moves left to right, steering would randomly not respond then suddenly over steer.
Husband did another Alignment at the shop himself adding max positive camber and it improved but still acted the same way. We then adjusted the steering box and it would slightly wander (wander was less then before new parts) and steering would respond correctly.
Husband then towed our 26ft rv with distribution hitch over memorial day weekend and truck suddenly after 25 miles jerked side to side causing the trailer to obviously sway massively and by the grace of God, Good driving experience, and everyone around him on the 5 lane freeway clearing the way cause it required all 5 lanes to gain control of the truck and trailer again, he got it all under control. I'll add he's pulled this trailer with this truck multiple times. We found that if he did over 40mph the truck wouldn't maintain his lane regardless of steering input. It was the first sign of any issues since adjusted 2 weeks before. Now it acts like it did prior to adjusting and after Alignment. Front end feels loose and jerky, bumps or freeway groves it's a handful. Double checked all front end components and everything is tight. Still looking into the steering box however nobody mentions the jerky movement with that only the slop. Any ideas before I spend $1,000 on a redhead box?
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