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These items will fit 99.5-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Diesel as well as 01-04 GM Duramax. Use in a Duramax will require the ability to disable the Intake Air Heater via tuning (EFI Live, etc.).

Not an entirely new item, but a slightly new twist. After years of getting asked why we our Intake Air Heater Delete Plug isn't drilled for a boost fitting, we finally caved. Rather than just take an existing fitting and drill and tap it, we decided to make it useful for more than just a boost reading. This IAH Delete is suitable for use with a boost fitting, a water methanol nozzle (with a VERY IMPORTANT minor modification) or even a nitrous nozzle.

Driven Diesel IAH Delete Plug

After getting the new IAH Delete, it just made sense to make a complete IAH Delete Boost Gauge Install Kit as well. This kit uses the same high quality fittings and tubing we include with our standard boost gauge install kit.

Driven Diesel IAH Delete Boost Gauge Install Kit

Of course, after doing the testing and modifications to make sure that our IAH Delete could be used with a Water/Methanol nozzle, it just made sense to put together a kit to make installing a Snow "Stage 3", "MPG-MAX" or "Tow-Max" in a 7.3L a breeze.

Driven Diesel 7.3L Snow Install Kit

The above kit could also be used in an 01-04 Duramax, minus the "T" fitting for the boost reading (the quick disconnect can be removed from the "T" and installed directly into a drilled/tapped port in the manifold).

I know, not exactly earth shattering stuff, but they are really nice parts to make for a very sanitary installation of a boost gauge or Water/Methanol I figured I'd share.
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