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1990 KW w900b. Cat 4mg87755 3406b

I have been reading here on tdg for the last several days and am coming up empty.
I'm trying to figure out the specs on my cat or6054 turbo. What's the max boost, how much hp can it support, what's a good step up from it, (I've turned the screws and deleted the afrc) etc.
950* max egt
Max boost is 25psi

Problem is no one seems to know what a or6054 turbo is. (KW dealer, Cat dealer)
Motor is not original to truck and I don't know if someone before me just slapped a turbo off their shelf or if I'm losing my mind lol.

If there is a thread that has already felt with this can someone point me to it? Otherwise I will be extremely relieved to hear some answers.

Sorry for the book but I don't know what else to do.
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