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If you've been searching for a set of reliable tires which could withstand any off-road punishment you're going to bring them through, then our all-season GRIPPER X/T Tires by Fuel is definitely something that's worth your attention. Manufactured with durability and outstanding grip in mind, they are guaranteed to perform as good as you expect them to. What is more, each Gripper X/T series tire features excellent bruises and cuts protection and is equipped with a tough carcass to last a lifetime. Look back at the image below and you'll also notice how deep and rugged the lug tread pattern is. It's made purely for maximized mud-terrain traction.

Provide your truck with a killer look and excellent grip with Fuel X/T tires, see all important details on this set of tires on our website.

Click on the pictures below to see more details on Gripper X/T series tires by FUEL Off-Road:

Price: $305.00 ea. / $1,220.00 set;
Season: All Season.
Type: Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud.
Now Available in 35X12.5R20;

Get off-road tires that perform in all terrain types and in any weather conditions. Order a set of Fuel Off-Road tires at
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