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I have for sale Alpinestar motorcycle riding leathers, boots, and gloves. I still have the receipts where I bought them brand new along with the tags that came off of them. I bought them in late April and have worn them maybe ten times if that since I purchased them. They still have the original knee pucks that have not been on the ground yet. I have never wrecked in the leathers and thre are no tears or sweat stains of any kind. THESE LEATHERS ARE LIKE NEW! The leathers are two piece and are EURO size 54 and USA size 44. I am 5'8" and 195lbs and they fit good but would be better for someone a little taller. I also bought brand new Alpinestar boots that are going with the suit. Boots are USA size 10.5 and EURO size 45. Along with the leathers and boots, I have brand new Alpinestar gloves. The gloves are Medium in size and look great. This is one sweet set up and I can't believe I am selling them but I no longer have a bike and need them gone. I am asking $1,000 obo for everything listed above. Price this stuff out yourself and you will see what kind of loss I am taking on them. I can email more pics if needed.

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