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Monday, December 22, 2008

AMSOIL Shock Therapy 2008 World Champion

The AMSOIL Shock Therapy Monster truck has become a fan favorite across North America, and now, the autograph lines will be getting longer as the title of World Champion has been added.

AMSOIL Shock Therapy driver Jon Zimmer took home the Monster Madness World Finals Racing Championship Trophy on September 27, 2008. in Calgary, Alberta with two impressive rounds of freestyle and racing.

On Saturday, Zimmer pushed the AMSOIL Shock Therapy to the limit by taking on everything that the Calgary Stampede could throw at him. Zimmer would edge past Public Disturbance, resulting in becoming the 2008 World Finalist Racing Champion.

On Sunday Zimmer returned with the AMSOIL Shock Therapy and again pushed his way to the finals, attempting to win the World Finals Championship in Monster Freestyle. As Zimmer suited up and climbed back into the truck after his introduction, he would put on an impressive "Freestyle". As the crowd watched Zimmer pull away to start, they saw teammate Killenger return in the Excaliber Monster Truck and park it just in front of the massive car, van, bus stack. John Killenger climbed out of the Excaliber truck and ran off the floor. The crowd seemed confused and did not expect the following to happen. In the blink of an eye, Zimmer blasted back out into the arena and noticed the Excaliber Truck parked in front of the bus stack. He then returned back towards the pit area and slid the truck around toward the bus stack. Zimmer hit the gas and proceeded with full momentum towards the stack, resulting in clearing not only the stack that contained two buses, vans and cars, but the Excaliber Monster Truck as well. The crowd went wild, Zimmer finished up his freestyle with huge air and crazy donuts.

"John Zimmer is one of the finest gentlemen in the business and one of the best monster truck drivers in the business today and it gives me great pleasure to announce after tallying up all the results from the shows this year that John Zimmer is the undisputed 2008 Monster Madness World Champion." Ralph Moore, President of Edge-Motorsports.

"We would like to thank AMSOIL for their support this year," said Sudden Impact Racing team owner Brandon LeGarde. "By using AMSOIL products, we are able to keep our trucks on the track, and out of the garage."

You tube Video of Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact Racing and the AMSOIL Shock Therapy will have a full schedule of racing in January, including a Checkered Flag production in Winston-Salem, N.C.
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