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Any relief in sight for my 5r110 behind my 12 valve?

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Alright y'all fellas know what I'm talkin about. Hard shifts gear searching and the list goes on. Is this gonna get any better? If I'm not gonna be able to get it right with the pcs I'm gonna swap just don't know what to. So my question is for my 03 f250 what auto should I go with for quality performance and ease of swap.
Thanks guys
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5R110 is garbage. It won't get any better, only worse as the clutches start to get burned and glazed over til one day... you are dead in your tracks. 4R100 is a good route to go, or spend the extra money and go Allison. Or of course you can always go to a manual trans
Just for my own curiosity can he use the same adaptor plate and PCS for the 4r100 as with the 5r110?
I would like to know this answer also
Just for my own curiosity can he use the same adaptor plate and PCS for the 4r100 as with the 5r110?
Negative. The 2 plates look similar from a ways away but up close they have a tad bit different shape. However, I believe the 4R100 and E4OD plates are the same, even though they say differently on them.
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Thanks Steel, That is what I was affraid of.

firef1523, where did you get your 12v out of and do you still have the adapter plate for the original transmission? You could use that tranny.

As I see it now you will need to get a good 4r100 and the adapter plate to go with it or you can get the cummins adapter to the 47rh/re transmission then all you need to get is a built 47rh and a new input shaft for your Tcase and and some mounting brackets (plates really) fabbed up and you will not need the PCS at all. Just another option as well as others.
Hey guys, If you need a kit I've got a built 4r100 coming back and all of the conversion stuff. It was out of the big 12V Twin turbo'd truck, that truck is now going to become a full race truck and we are going a different route. I took all the stuff back on trade. I will put a bundled price together if you are interested.
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