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Anybody seen this video????

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I just came across this video on streetfire.....I realize that lly's overheat, but I never dreamed it would be this bad. Not to count this idiot behind the wheel not stopping and at least doing something about it, or even letting the truck cool off. I just cant believe that someone would keep driving arrogantly just to prove a point. :nunu: And the idiot wonders why it went into limp mode.....^^Offroad/1/b108e8c2-25df-4054-8090-98af013f4333.htm
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Thats the infamous "Overheat video". I'm not exactly sure what the outcome of TxC's suit against GM was, even with that video.
Yeah, its only the LLY's that seem to have a problem. I am not sure of the percentage, though.

Killerbee knows infinitely more about this subject than I do, though.
Thanks Steve. I had not seen that information.
I would like to get an explanation of the video, so we don't get any info incorrect or jump to any incorrect conclusions. My own opinion is that TxC was trying to max out the load on the truck to show GM that it could not handle what they advertise, and that somehow, somewhere, some person would load it and drive it exactly like that setup, and O/H would result.

Hey...he got GM to pony up in the end. Thats something most of us could not do.
Just what parameters you used and why? Were you trying to show to GM that the truck could not do what it was advertised to do, at max weight, max wind resistance, low fuel, etc....

in other words...that someone out there in Texas JUST MIGHT have this happen to them, and the truck should not be a worry to them?

We can do this without sniping at one another.
I would assume then that GM did not refute anything that was in your video as incorrect information? They watched it and the engineers all agreed that the truck should be able to do what you portrayed without overheating? Makes me think that GM couldn't figure out what was really causing the problems either.

Well, congrats to you for taking on GM and winning.
TxChristopher said:
Not exactly, GM to this day still denies there is a problem with LLY's overheating. Even though they have PI's and TSB's and have bought back countless trucks and paid cash hush money to who knows how many owners, they deny the problem exists.

At the hearing they claimed my truck was the first LLY Duramax that they had EVER heard of that overheated. It pissed me off, but then we just whipped out all the GM documents that discussed overheating and possible fixes for it. Every last document of course was dated well before I brought my truck in for repair, and my attorney did a great job of explaining and getting their engineer to explain that it is a long process of many customer complaints, testing and feedback that causes repair documents to be generated to the dealers. They don't just all of a sudden issue TSB's, they first have lots of complaints and they look at it and then send out what the think the fix is in the TSB to all the service departments.

To be honest, they made themselve look stupid trying to take that tack of there not being a problem, the judge even was incredulous :shrug: at that since they had so many internal documents talking about it.

We expected them to deny the overheating issue in the LLY trucks, that has been the stand they have taken for over two years now. Admitting it would put them on the hook to fix all the LLY trucks, they don't want to do that, so they take on each person case by case.


You'd think that GM would have tested the LLY with over-max weight and under extreme conditions to make sure it worked as advertised.

As for a recall, look at what just happened to Toyota and the "oil sludge" issues in their 99-02 vehicles. Customers won the class-action suit against Toyota for engine repairs. Assuming its the head design thats mainly causing the issues (programming, inadeq. cooling system, air intake, etc helping...), think if GM had to have a new head design made up for all of the O/H about huge costs. We all know the bean-counters decided that its cheaper to weather a few lawsuits than pay everybody affected....

A bit-off-topic, but with EFI out now, can you look at the programming differences in the power levels between the LLY and LB7 and see if there's something there? Did anyone try running LB7-type programming (and power levels) in an O/H LLY to see what happens?
killerbee said:
How much weight were you pulling when this happened? :popcorn:
Why would this matter? Previous towing cycles could have started the problem. Whether or not someone was towing when an O/H incident happened, the big picture is that it DID happen. From all that has been described for the past couple years, just towing a simple TT could make this happen in certain trucks. Thats the point.

Hell, I'd be wayyyyy more concerned if it happened WITHOUT a load on it.
killerbee said:
Yes, but the long answer would be more than a bit off topic. The culpable differences between the 2 models are found in the forced induction mechanism.

Thanks. So you also looked at the VVT. Understandable. OK, back to the video.....LOL
hhrecovery said:
WOW... Congrats to you TX for taking this as far as you did and winning. I can't say that I blame you one bit.

I have to agree w/ everyone else though and say that it is crazy that GM isn't ponying up and fixing the issue on everyone truck. If people can figure out the problem and find a way to solve it looks like they would pony up and do a recall on all the trucks and fix them :shrug:
Well, that goes back to the bean-counters. Say it costs $5K in shop time and parts to fix a few hundred thousand vehicles (LLY in 04-05's)...then its in GMs best interests to just whether the occasional person with gumption to sue them. Cheaper that way.
Most people would give up wayyyy before it gets to court, and just sell the truck to some other unsuspecting person.

Give you another example. The instrument clusters in the 2003-04 trucks are starting to screw up due to bad stepper motors. This would affect ALL GM trucks, not just diesels. Now, start to add up all those Tahoes, Yukons, Escalades (you get the picture)......just recalling them would be an incredible expense, not to mention clusters wouldnt be available. There are TSBs and historys behind this now. GM would rather "keep it quiet" and have to repay the occasional stubborn person. They like to see most people just give up and pay $360 for a new cluster or $120 for someone outside GM to fix it, than have to go through a huge recall.

As with everything to do with GM, it all comes down to money. Never whats right.
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killerbee said:
I would think everyone would like to know how to avoid blowing a duramax head gasket, I know I would.

10,000 lbs, 15,000lbs...?
Oh yeah, we all would...definitely.

But then, for example, if you had an 01 Dmax, its just one of those things that happens. Bad gasket design that GM revised. Again, they aren't fixing ALL of those engines, just the ones that go bad under the 100,000 mile warranty. Hush hush

If you add lots more power to your truck, in the form of a huge turbo, or add mega fuel, or use big amounts of nitrous or water/meth, then its a risk. But then, you'd kind of expect that if you were upping power to those levels.

Nothing is guaranteed. None of us are Nostradomus, so we can't predict that kind of thing. Just look at the Ford guys with the early 6.0......they didn't know either if they got a 6Leaker or a decent motor. LIke I said, I'd be wayyyy more concerned if the engine O/H at a lower weight than at a higher one, as the expectations of it are much less.
Thanks. You are right, wind resistance would add even more strain to the system. GM should test real-world conditions, not just "hey, it can tow XXXXX pounds".***

*** (but only if you have a trailer no higher than the truck itself)
blackcloudCTD95 said:
did he get any where with that law suit? i do give that truck credit.. running over 250* for 12 mins thats crazy..
Chris talks about it in his posts as the thread goes on. Another member posted this on the first page:

Ramblinrodney said:
I haven't watched the video in a while but I think he was awarded $36,000 and keep his truck. I think that might of been his second motor. GM replaced his first one. It was funny reading all the posts on this and prove to GM that all LLY's will over heat given the right conditions. Thanks TxC and that old Dodge.
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4cstr said:
The little jabs and nit-picking can stop at any time. I would really like to keep the useful information flowing here. If I ever do get another truck...its information like this that is incredibly useful.
While everyone is welcome here at the Garage, and we encourage a varied discussion on all topics, we just had to remove a post because it added absolutely nothing to this video discussion.
mckey73 said:
Pardon my ignorance, but will they fix the steering shaft issue? With different parts, or just new ones?
No. Only "fix" that works so far is periodically removing the shaft and lubing it. Now that I think about it, thats another thing on my "to do" list for the truck.
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