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Anyone still running 180/100's in a 7.3 nowadays ?

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I bought a brand new set of F.F."REMANS" still in original box for $1300.00 , I wish I had did a little more research before pulling the trigger. I've also installed a brand new CNC FAB STAGE 2 HPOP, brand new Garrett GTP38R, brand new Hydra with custom Gearhead tuning . All sensors are MOTORCRAFT and brand new. Compression is 380-390, no blow by won't even lift a ping pong ball.
Still I have a miss on cylinder #1 . The injectors have maybe 70 miles on them and it's sometimes a slight miss and sometimes almost a dead miss depending on rpm. Buzz test sounds strong on all injectors but CCT shows #1 out of balance.. This truck blows a light grey haze from exhaust that's worst when cold and almost clears away when warm.
I've looked for boost leaks but cannot find any, do you think it's crazy to think the miss could be from the injector being a Full Force reman ? I've ohmed out wiring between idm and injectors already and it's all within specs. Just trying to get some other ideas and maybe hear from people with these same injectors to see if they're truck has light grey smoke at idle. Thanks for the time reading this,any help be great.
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I would expect the extra /added fuel to haze at cool idle, seems normal.
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