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There is a Picture Contest going on over on the 6.4 Tuner Forum.

Since I usually spend my money on "utility" (not "bling") and don't have any terrain around me other that the left-over cotton stalks from last year's crop, it appears that I may not have a chance in this contest, unless I get your support.

I had hoped to get a picture of my wife in front of our "rig", but since the digital camera is broken, I had to settle for an older photo of my son-in-law and myself (no I am not the buff-looking Marine Staff Sergeant!)

I am attaching a photo of her, so please envision her in front of the truck, instead of the guys. This may help you decide on whose photo is the best. (I forgot, are we voting on best truck or best photo?)

By the way, the wife is wanting a new swimsuit (something a little smaller) and I told her that she could have one if I won the contest. If I win and she gets her new swimsuit, I'll post an updated photo.

Thank you for your support!

The Truckmaniac


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