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Saturday May 22nd 2010 in Cedar Falls Iowa is the only NHRDA drag race this year in Iowa. To keep this race alive in the future we need some participation or this race will not be back. Tell everyone you know to come and watch, but mainly to race. Everyone can race sportsman et and have a chance at winning. You are racing your own time and you can drive it like granny if you like, just be consistent and you'll go pretty far. Yes you have to become a NHRDA member to race, which is only $40.
Your 2010 NHRDA membership costs $40.00 and is valid January 1st through December 31st 2010. Your membership includes a Free Official NHRDA T-shirt, Membership Card, Decal, Membership Rewards Redemption Book, and a 1 year Subscription to Diesel Power Magazine.

Here is a link on their site to join on line. Once you are a member it is only $35 to race in Sportsman ET. Plus you get the benefits of the NHRDA membership rewards program which you have the oppurtunity to save a lot of money on new parts for your ride. Here is a description of it from the NHRDA forum.

The NHRDA will be adding a new program for 2010 called membership rewards. This program has been put together by our National Sponsors and is a way to say thank you for supporting the NHRDA and its Sponsors.

Every member that either renews his membership or joins for the first time in 2010 will receive the following.

NHRDA official membership card
Official NHRDA T-shirt
Official NHRDA Decal
Membership Rewards Coupon Book

The Membership rewards booklet will have the following coupons and are only redeemable by the NHRDA member that received booklet with membership. These coupons are only valid for 2010 and must be redeemed between January 1st thru December 31st 2010.

The coupon book will have complete details on how to redeem each program the sponsors have put forward for our members

Again we want to thank all the sponsors that are taking part in this program.

MBRP Exhaust
$25.00 rebate on 304 Stainless Exhaust Systems
$15.00 rebate on 409 Stainless Exhaust Systems
$5.00 rebate on Aluminized Exhaust Systems

Edge Products
$100 Rebate: Edge Juice w/ Attitude and Edge Evolution Racing Products
$75 Rebate: Edge Evolution CTS
$50 Rebate: Edge Evolution CS, Evolution, Insight, Comp, Mileage Max, and Trail

BD Diesel Performance
$100.00 rebate off Trade price on any Turbo Charger

AFE Power
10% Discount and Free shipping any AFE Power Product

Grand Rock Exhaust
10% rebate off of MAP Pricing

Dynomite Diesel
$250.00 rebate on Twin Turbo Kits
$100.00 rebate on Single Turbo Kits
$100.00 rebate on set of injectors

South Bend Clutch
TBA discount on clutches

The NHRDA again wants to thank all our sponsors for giving back to the members of the NHRDA.

Here are some updates

South Bend Clutch
$50.00 rebate on Dual Disc Clutch
$50.00 rebate on Single Disc Clutch

Optima Battery
$85.00 per battery plus shipping and handling

Diesel Power Magazine
1 Year Free Subscription

If anyone would like to help me give out fliers and hang up some where ever, let me know. I have 75-100 coming. I would hate to see this event go away because no one wants to go to the track and participate. I always see guys hot rodding around at gtg's, but never want to step up and actually do it. As always any help is greatly appreciated.
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