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OK fellas I've searched for my problem and can find close but not what I have so here we go................
1. got bad fuel........running great, put in 6 gallons, started running bad before i left the parking lot. Idle rough, low power, sluggish.
2. dropped the tank and drained, cleaned out completely, and re installed.
3. 0 fuel in fuel lines
4. new fuel filter
5. fresh fuel
6. cranked up fine, idled rough, still lack of power for the first few miles than straightened out and ran like normal but still had check engine light PO1316.

i would drive it and it would run rough intermediately and than clear up.

7. took to to buddy who works at Ford and he put it on Ford computer and it said #1 and #2 injector is weak but not out.

Drove it 400 miles round trip pulling my Jeep on a trailer to go rock climb and it ran great both ways and the check engine light never went off.

Drove to work the next night (74 miles round trip) and ran great and check engine light still on.

Driving to work and lost all power and started lightly popping through exhaust like the old school non-turbo 7.3 did when you are WOT. 0 boast on gauge and EGT's less than 200 (digital boast gauge doesnt read below 200)

8. now code 1247 (low boast) and very rough idle, long crank to start, knocks when first cranks.

9. I have pulled the entire intake system off all the way to the block. no boots damaged, no holes in inter cooler pipes, the 5 way intake pipe is in good shape and clean, turbo turns fine and no play in shaft.

Hose from MAP to intake is in perfect shape.:bash

I'm lost my follow diesel lovers please help a brother before I cry like a 8 year old little girl who lost her favorite doll.
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