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6.0L Banjo Bolt Mod Part I

As all we have to play with in our 6.0L's is what we got handed from the dealer lot, we have had to do our own R&D and I noticed ford had been trying to keep a clean running power plant for the 6.0L motor. I decided to do some experimentation, and found the "Banjo Bolts" ( the bolts that feed the fuel into each head ) to have quite a restrictor in the center, and only two small holes to dump the fuel into the heads. ( each head has 1 bolt )
I removed the Banjo Bolts and drilled larger the 2 stock holes, and added 2 extra holes, I also gutted the center restrictor.
Here is what your Banjo Bolts should look like after the Mod:

The stock fuel lines are metal and barely 1/4", I upgraded to 3/4" lines to compensate the fuel pressure with fuel volume, the both must go hand in hand. DJ's Performance Modded my Stock Fuel Pressure Regulator from the stock 40psi to a hefty 110psi. Now my injectors were liking this!

I decided last friday to take the truck to Test & Tune and run the Truck on my SCT STOCK setting to see the results of the mods in conjuction with my injectors. I was very surprised, the 6.0L in the Fuel department has a hidden Monster. I did this because everyone on other sites are always asking me if these mods worked and how much HP/TQ it produced for me, and thought to take to a dyno, but decided you guys rather see some 1/4 times.
I'll let the Videos do the talking.
With those 1/4 mile Times, I was still posting 8.8, 8.7 1/8 mile runs.

The Infinit QX45 you will see me run, has a TT setup, but couldn't get it to hook, so he said.

I had tons of fun, The track guy operating the Tree was KILLING me, holding the light while I was staged and boosted, my brakes would heat up and would not hold the truck back, so for the first time I red lighted in one of the vids! I hope you guys love the videos, I went to show what it does on the track with those simple mods!

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