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Banks or Edge?

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I know lots of people are saying the Quadzilla, PPE, ect.... but I can't find what I'm looking for with them.

I'm looking for something with a display that will show me my EGT's, fuel pressure, delete codes (since the DPF would be coming off), boost, ect... and I figure when I do that I minus well get some power too!

So what are people's thoughts, I'm seeing mixed reviews of the Banks 6gun w/ the PDA and no reviews of the Edge Juice w/ Attitude.

I know any of these I'm pretty much going to have to choose a setting and stay with it, but that's ok as long as I get something that will show me the parameters that i want.

OR Should I go with the Edge product that shows the parameters w/out power or the Banks PDA THEN add on a chip?
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I have the banks and it works good but you have to get a different chip if you take off the DPF. My next purchase is the PPE and use the Banks Power PDA for guages.
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