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Banks or Edge?

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I know lots of people are saying the Quadzilla, PPE, ect.... but I can't find what I'm looking for with them.

I'm looking for something with a display that will show me my EGT's, fuel pressure, delete codes (since the DPF would be coming off), boost, ect... and I figure when I do that I minus well get some power too!

So what are people's thoughts, I'm seeing mixed reviews of the Banks 6gun w/ the PDA and no reviews of the Edge Juice w/ Attitude.

I know any of these I'm pretty much going to have to choose a setting and stay with it, but that's ok as long as I get something that will show me the parameters that i want.

OR Should I go with the Edge product that shows the parameters w/out power or the Banks PDA THEN add on a chip?
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I have personally run hypertech,banks,quad,and now the new edge evo race.The banks was nice but believe it or not it made me regen more than the hyper.I got rid of the banks because I wanted to do the exhaust,and at the time to get dpf delete on the quad you needed at least 40hp tune which threw too much timing in.You can now run a dpf stock tune which you could stack with the banks and get the best of both.I ran the quad on the 110hp tune and dynoed 422/809 with banks ram air with super scoop,mbrp 4" turbo out,on a consertive mustang dyno.I now run the edge evo race and it is a huge tune on level 7 they call it 180+ hp.I now have a BD coverter,transgo,and airdog 150.Going to dyno Wed. and post results. The banks was nice but a little costly,the edge seems a better deal bang for buck.The banks stacked with a quad could be nice too.EFI live is prob. the best,but too complex for 90% of its buyers,most buy a pre-programmed tune from them which is really no different than some of these others.You should look into at least a transgo jr if going over 100hp.Get what you want the first time out.I have spent a lot of money trying these things out.I know you said you dont want 500hp,but let me warn you the power gets addictive.I am looking for 500/1000 on the dyno,if Im a little short my snow perf. stage 2 should get me there.
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well i went and dynoed the truck again with the new edge race evo and got pretty good quad previously put down 422/809 and the edge laid down 463/907.The power curve is nice and flat from like 2800-3500rpm.It has a little more top end and the quad has a little more bottom.Those numbers were on a mustang dyno,and the guy who dynoed my truck said a dynojet would have read 25-30 more horsepower.I think he knows what hes doing because he worked for Lingenfelter for 5-6 years.Now the snow performance stage 2 is next,that should get me about 500. 2008 LMM Banks Ram Air with super scoop MBRP 4" turbo back,Edge evo Race,Airdog 150,BD low stall coverter,Transgo,cognito tie rods and pitman idler arm support kit
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I think it depends what you want for the money.The PPE might have a small edge on power,but not that much.I have heard of 500-510 hp with the hot plus2,lift pump,shimmed rail and ported fitting.The edge would prob be about 480-490 on a dynojet.The edge gives you some guage options as well.I already had a pyro and boost guage on the pillar,so i use the edge for trans temp,ect,up to 4 different readouts.also the edge does fix the speed for tires on the speedometer(i think i saw that question somewhere)It also is very fast,you cant change on the fly,so im told, i havent tried it,but it takes only about 20-30 SECONDS to change levels.I figure with the water/meth injection i should be at 500 or so hp and im helping cool my engine.Im only running washer fluid and told its good for 30-40 hp.Ill take 500 with the edge all day.
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