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are any of you guys running the new banks clean tune on their LMM. i heard it has just been released and wondering if any one has been running it and how they like it.
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07.5 crew cab sb 4x4 stock height & tires. just put the economind w/pda & banks ram air. hit the highway cruise at 66mph on level 1 22.0mpg changed to level 2 24.5mpg. Im happy so far leaving for Daytona bike week in a day or two 1123mi. to test and get to know how I really like it. got a killer deal on the combo could not pass it up. It was like get some off the tuner and getting the air intake for nothin.
ok running 75 with a bike in the bed got 20mpg. Not bad for almost 5 tons of truck.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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