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are any of you guys running the new banks clean tune on their LMM. i heard it has just been released and wondering if any one has been running it and how they like it.
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kevinsilverado said:
I didn't change the accelerator pump at all and my tie rods are still stock. I know they bend easy because my dad folded his up on his 03 but I still have stock tires so it should be alright. Mine didn't shift very good at first but I drove around town for a week on SL till the tranny learned when to shift.
Just remember to be careful with the changing on the fly. The Allison has a memory of its own and takes time to learn and relearn the different calibrations and ****f points. If you change on the fly too much it can get confused and change gears for no reason. A buddie od mine "had" the Edge juice with attitude and he changed on the fly too much over a short period of time and confused the Allison, it didnt have time to relearn the new setting it was changed to. He was doing 75 in 5th gear and it went straight to 1st! Destroyed the rear end, twisted his drive shaft in two, busted the transfer case in half, and bent the output shaft on the tranny and some more internal stuff!:damnit Cost him 5 grand and a month with out his truck! The day he got it back he ripped the edge out. He bought a PPE the next day! My opinion... Banks is ****!! When you buy Banks your paying for the name not the quality of the product. Trust me... been there done that!
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