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are any of you guys running the new banks clean tune on their LMM. i heard it has just been released and wondering if any one has been running it and how they like it.
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Rollin Smoke said:
Is anyone runnin the Banks with there DPF off i no it doesn't clear the CEL, but i just know how it does with DPF off.

Thanks Tyler
i sold a customer the six gun w/ pda and the quadzilla stealth tuner just for the DPF delete and he had no problems at all.
Rollin Smoke said:
Do you know what setting they are runnin the quad with.

Thanks Tyler
you can run that just on the DPF delete file w/ no power added or just add 40hp.
that's crazy did you speak to the same guy i did? i'm calling again now to see what answer i get....

i still don't think that 40hp is going to be too much timing, i run my quad on 70hp and the edge on 5 and it's fine.
spoke to ross and he said no then i said are you sure... he said let me check he went and asked jeremy and he said you would have to add at least 40hp which is the economy level.

1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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