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This coming week's episode of TruckU (#716) on SPEED TV tackles some of the problems common to Dodge trucks and BD suspension products such as Track Bars, Flow-MaX Lift Pumps and Steering Box Stabilizers will be featured!

Trucks aren't all work and no play these days. Trucks can be tricked out and ramped up in the aftermarket. Bruno Massel and Matt Steele take you step-by-step through every modification, whether you're tricking out your truck, SUV, Jeep or 4x4. Now in its fourth season on SPEED, Truck U will help you take your truck to an entirely new level of appearance and performance. It's the ultimate how-to program for truck lovers.

Be sure to tune in!

EPISODE #716 - Dodge Common Problems

SATURDAY - 10/29/11 @ 8:00 AM EST
SUNDAY - 10/30/11 @ 8:30 AM EST
WEDNESDAY - 11/2/11 @ 3:30 PM EST
FRIDAY - 11/4/11 @ 4:30 AM EST
FRIDAY - 11/4/11 @ 10:30 AM EST

Please check your local listings for the exact date and time. SPEED may change any air dates or times due to live events, which preempt taped programming. Viewers should always check local cable guides for any possible last minute changes made by the network.
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