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plug and tuner. worried bout the warranty. ill probly install it for him but dont know much bout gm's being a dodge boy.
im sure i can do that though.

whats even avail for the newest version of the duramax..i have no idea

little help for us??

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chorizosdmax said:
i think the hypertech is a good choice its not price has 3 levels and you can tow on all 3 levels
i just got efilive in my truck and i love it. its the best chip u can get for the new lmm but with any chip u have to take the exhaust off. and get new on it b/c if u dont it will plug up the stock crap, and it will run bad and get worse mpg. i got a tune of 150 in my truck little smoke if u floor it but then it stops.
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