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Best piston for 3406 3zj

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Hi everyone I'm new to the site. I've been finding a lot of knowledge on this site on customizing the 3406 engines to perform better, just having a bit of trouble figuring out what applies to my engine, since there's so many variations. I have a 1994 3406, serial # 3zj55609, arr # 1162067. 7E-5888 all mechanical pump, 11deg timing, 350hp factory spec, has the wide 2 bolt rod bearings, and 7F7900 stamped on the bottom of the pistons. Cat gave me 101-0016 as the oem piston #. Not sure what kind of turbo, can't find a name or build plate, but the exhaust turbine is only around 70mm and no waste gate. I'm getting coolant in oil, and already has lots of blow by, so I want to do an overhaul. If I'm putting in all new pistons, I'd like to choose a piston that will be suitable for around 600hp. Don't really want to change turbo etc. right now to get to that hp, just would like put in the right cylinder packs to handle it in the future if I decide to. I also don't want to loose fuel economy I'd rather improve it. Any advice?
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So, I found an ipd kit for a 3406e with 1456700 steel top marine pistons(14.7:1), selling for about half price. If I've done my research right, it should fit into my 3406c so I bought it. I like the idea of the ipd crevice seal liner. Of course I'll have to get a different head gasket, but might be best to use a genuine cat gasket anyway. Next puzzle will be injector nozzle selection. Since this piston was never used oem with a mechanical injector, I won't be able to match it through Caterpillar. Need someone who knows the spray pattern of the heui injector and a mechanical injector nozzle that will match... anyone out there with a thorough working knowledge of these systems? Reading through old posts, ynot sure comes to mind!
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