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I've had a number of potential customers question the cost of our fuel systems and the materials that we use recently. After a bit of digging, I've been able to determine that another shop is making false statements about my products in an attempt to gain sales. I hate having to do this, but it's time to set the record straight.

I KNOW who this "so-called competitor" is, and I'm sure he will see this on one of the sites where it's posted. At this point I'm going to leave it at "shut the hell up when you don't know what you're talking about". If I continue to hear from people that he is spreading lies and false information about my company or my products in an effort to steer sales toward his own offerings, I will make a point of posting exactly who it is and what he is saying.

It seems that the biggest argument this person is making about my products is that I'm charging too much for a fuel system made from "300psi Rubber Pushlok Hose" and he is building kits from hydraulic hose. WRONG...APPARENTLY HE CAN'T READ, THE FACTS ARE CLEARLY PRINTED ON MY WEBSITE!

1. ALL of our Regulated Return Fuel Systems use U.S. Made Stainless Steel Braid over Teflon hydraulic hose rated for 4000psi. ALL of them! I have not used pushlok hose in a regulated return fuel system for about 8 years, and never built any 6.0L kits in pushlok.

2. Since I'm sure my competitor is confused by the fact that my hoses are black, and reading the information on my website is apparently too much work... The black covering over my fuel system hoses is added to protect the hose and anything near the hose. S.S. braid is VERY abrasive and will rub holes in wiring harnesses with easy. It is also conductive, and I've seen the instant destruction of a hose when a wrench shorted between a braided hose and the battery post on an alternator. We used to cover the hoses with plastic convoluted split-loom, but that didn't look as nice. We then started using a clear covering so the S.S. braid showed through, which looked great for a while but with heat and age the covering turned yellow or brown. We finally switched to a really nice black covering that we have not seen discolor in any way. The hoses are protected for a reason, and they stay looking nice at the same time.

We do use pushlok hose in under truck applications (tank to pump, pump to filter, return to tank), but that is because it's away from the engine heat and because hoses in those areas always need to be "cut to fit" due to differences in cab and bed lengths, differences in filter mounting locations, etc.

The photo below is offered for the purposes of informing both potential customers and my ill-mannered competitor. The hose and fitting on the top are "300psi Pushlok". The hose on the bottom is one of my fuel system hoses. You can clearly see the Parker hose end, which is CRIMPED onto the Braided S.S. Hose and Covered in a black sleeve. In other words, don't believe the lies being spread by someone just trying to make a sale!

If anyone has any questions about our products, particularly if you have talked to one of my competitors and that person is suggesting that what we build is inferior product at a premium price, please do not hesitate to call and ask me directly. Obviously, I would prefer that you purchase my product and I think I build the nicest kits on the market. The difference between me and competitors like the one I'm referring to above is that I generally have nothing to say about what my competition builds. I don't buy their kits, I don't compare mine to theirs, I don't care what they are building and I've got no reason to talk crap about I don't. I will tell you why I believe we build the best product, I will tell you why my kit costs what it does, how much work goes into it, how many custom parts we've developed, etc. I don't need to talk about my competitors to sell my products, my products sell themselves.


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