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Billet Valve Cover Question...

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Hey guys if I could get these made up would anyone be interested in them?

Basically it would be this


to Equal this

Thats just a rough idea. They could be made for the 89-98 Cummins and the 03-05 Cummins. Color choices would be Black, Red, Blue.

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those look nice. if i wasnt going to just paint the 6 covers id be all over that.

What would something like that run, with a Bow-Tie? I have the generic Cummins ISB cover on mine. I saw a basically blank cover and had considered putting a Billet Bow-Tie on it.

I'm not real sure. Problem is a one off costs more than say 5 or 10 at the time:D
I'm seeing that. What is your price on a plain billet cover for a 24 valve? PM me if needed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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